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    A CONTINUOUS TRAINING CENTRE in the Engineering fluid control sector.

     With a practical approach, intended for technical department personnel, engineering, maintenance and project management.

     Courses given “in company” or in our Logistic Centre Training room

     Mounting and regulating processes of electrical and pneumatic actuators

     Different tests in our Test Bench

     Quality procedures related to project’s valve supply. —

     Training Room intended to transfer theory into practice. Actual testing of different control loops:
control, pressure, flow and temperature, along with
       a pressure reducing statio

    Some acknowledgments

    “I would like to thank you on behalf of all my colleagues and myself the time, dedication, enthusiasm, knowledge, information and the past and future that     you shared with us yesterday”.

    “The seminar that you prepared has been very interesting to present the main types of industrial valves, its operation and applications”.

    “Congratulations to all those next to the concept of Saidi University thanks to which Saidi becomes a big and forceful company with positive ideas and