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SAIDI SERVICE CENTRE                               


offers a wide range of value added services, with the
objective to avoid the dependancy from others and legthen deadlines, and with
the target of acquiring more efficiency and flexibility, a better control, a Quality
assurance on the product and the management, while developing our own
procedures (Saidi know-how).

A permanent service made up of seven main areas.




Focused on plant service:

Actuated valves (MOV & ON-OFF). Mounting, regulation and start up of
   actuators (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic). Machining of mounting kits.
   “Off-the-shelf” delivery.

Control valves. Assembly, regulation, testing and start up of control valves.
   Machining of special trims for troubleshooting of the issues related to flow
   characteristics such as cavitation, flashing, choked flow or noise.

Valve Lab: Communication test protocols and field buses (Modbus, Hart,
   Profibus, Fieldbus ...). Safety valve Test Bench.

   SAIDI University training courses.


VALVE REPAIR Express & Assembly

Machining, welding, locking devices, handwheels, jackets, drilling, packings,
stem extensions, flange raised, painting and sandblasting procedures

Original spare parts for High Performance valves (CRANE®, XOMOX,    Saunders®, KLINGER®, Pacific...)

• Assembly of Saunders® Diaphragm valves..

Valve Repair Express

KLINGER® Gasket Workshop

A centre of Design and Manufacturing of Gaskets focused to local plant service
(plant shutdown):

• Manufacturing of metallic gaskets (spiral wound, Kammprofile and RTJ type)

• Tailor made gaskets as per drawing or standard ones made of fibre-based
    sheeting, PTFE, Graphite laminate, etc.

• Plant shutdown management (off-the-shelf delivery), assistance and training
    on gasket installation



Manufacturing of hosepipes and flexibles metal hoses.

• Tailor made hoses as per customer requirements. All kind of connections and
BOA Group is one of the leading manufacturers of flexible metal elements:
hoses and their assemblies, hydroformed and edge-welded bellows, expansion
joints and vibration dampers.



Automation. Selection and Stock of actuators & mounting kits. Manufacturing
   of special couplings. Actuators’ assembly. Assembly and supply of accesories
   (solenoid valves, microswitches, filters...). Assembly and regulation of    positioners.

Machining and transformations. Flange assembly to plain ends valves. Special
   flanges manufacturing. Machining of special pieces, couplings, unions and
   adaptors made from bar.

Maintenance. Valve repair. Original spare parts. Cleaning and refurbishment.
   Official warranty.

Piping Skids. Assembly and construction of piping skids, comprising pipes,
   accesories and thermoplastic valves by heat socket fusion or Butt welding,
   up to ext. 110mm.

Official Service. 3D Parts Design (Autodesk Inventor). 2D Drawings
   (AutoCAD). Technical and practical seminars for thermoplastic solutions.
   Sealing testing developed by our Quality Control Department. Tags & RFID
   (Radio Frequency Identification).




A "window" to the Research and Development, from which we can hover and
participate in performing Non Destructive Testing (NDT), with the aim of seeking
improvement and performing of the Quality Control of those products acquired
and supplied by Saidi, along with those other which are manufactured in our
Service Centre

A showcase of equipment for performing multiple inspections and tests. Among the various tests that we can perform the following quote: Paint Control, Ultrasonic Thickness measurement, Hardness Control, Penetrant Testing, Control UV lamp cleaning, coatings Control, Testing roughness, etc.

• In this lab you will find the following equipment and media (among others): Ultraviolet lamp, Brinnell Durometer, Shore D Durometer, Yoke for magnetic particle testing, different rank calibrated gauges, torque wrenches, equipment
for liquid penetrant testing, testers threads, roughness, igniter, paint comparative tables, caliber, gauges, paint adhesion tester, paint thickness tester, vacuum pump, Telster, etc ...

• Moreover, in this room will be exposed parts and samples with damage or defects caused in the process of origin of the raw material in its various intermediate processes or its final use on site.

This "window" is not only very valid to Saidi and our suppliers, but for all those who visit our Service Centre. We expect you.




Aimed at all those interested in learning, experience and deepen the practical operation of typical applications and processes in an industrial facility.

After the theoretical training course of SAIDI University, and through our experts, the Training Room is intended to transfer theory to practice and therefore brings the possibility of making actual testing of different control
loops such as: level control loops, pressure, flow and temperature, along with a reducing station.

For attendees the main test panel becomes an approach to industrial
processes in a direct, easy and flexible way. The high level of interaction
with the user may create conflict situations, alarm activations, etc..

Thus assimilating real actions that may occur in facilities controlled by actions
of an operator -either manually or by miscommunication-, which from a control
panel are performed remotely. So we get that the attendee will complete the
formation on our Training Room experiencing real situations that you will face
in your plant and whose development can then easily understand, as he has
been able to test them "in situ" in our pilot plant.

In this way the audience will understand the peculiarities of a complete control loop, starting by sending signals through the control panel,
with its corresponding reactions installed equipment, and finally getting the
desired set point. In the freehandling area you will finally see the operation of
internals through sectioned bodies of all kinds of valves. You can also test and
see the operation of manual valve assemblies with open/close signaling devices, manual locking devices, etc..

We expect you!