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KLINGER® Gasket Workshop

A centre of Design and Manufacturing of Gaskets focused to local plant service (plant shutdown):

• Manufacturing of metallic gaskets (spiral wound, Kammprofile and RTJ type)

• Tailor-made gaskets as per drawing or standard ones made of fibre-based    sheeting, PTFE, Graphite laminate, etc.

• Plant shutdown management (off-the-shelf delivery), assistance and training on
   gasket installation. KLINGERexpert® (your gasket selector).

• Manufacturing and Design of gaskets
• Materials: Fibres, Graphite, PTFE, Elastomers, etc.
• High accuracy gasket cutting through Numerical Control Technology (CNC)
• High complexity gasket cutting as per AutoCad drawing
• 6/12/24-hour urgent gasket cutting service


• Manufacturing of Spiral Wound Gaskets
• Types: CRIR (Centering ring/Inner ring), CR (Centering ring) and R
   (without rings) as per standard and special dimensions
• Materials: 316L, 304, 321, Monel, etc... (other materials available on request)

• Materiales 316L, 304, 321, Monel... (otros materiales bajo pedido)