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Safety Spray Shields are designed to prevent a catastrophe by temporarily containing hazardous leaks and sprays. 
Leaks can occur on piping systems conveying chemicals, high temperature fluids, and steam, which can harm workers,
nearby equipment, and the environment.  Leaks of flammables, such as fuel or oil, can create fire and explosion hazards.

Constructed of durable fabrics that are chemical, UV, and weather resistant, our Shields are available in Teflon , olypropylene, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyethylene, and Stainless Steel.  Solid styles contain a pH indicating patch which
signals a leak by immediately changing color towards red if acidic or towards green if an alkali.  The patch is replaceable which allows reuse of the Shield.

Our Shields are ready to install quickly and simply by one person with the equipped hook and loop fasteners and drawcord.

We offer Shields for all ANSI, DIN, PN, BS, JIS, and KS standards.